With information technology as the enabler and a passion for quality health care as the driver, Selena Davis & Associates provide innovative solutions, leadership and management services in eHealth.

image Principal Selena Davis brings more than 20 years combined experience in project management, information management and communication technology in healthcare environments, education, and research.  She combines both professional skills and academic knowledge with a uniquely personal blend of energy and passion to assist health care professionals in improving the way they deliver care to their patients.  At the core of this mission is a focus on new uses for information technology in healthcare, in order to design solutions that reflect the way people create, use and find information. The result is the implementation of innovative processes that lower risk, increase success rates and utilize best practices, while taking into account the social, cultural and organizational settings in which they are applied.

Selena holds a Master of Health Informatics Degree from Dalhousie University, a Bachelor of Education from the University of Western Ontario and a Bachelor of Applied Health Science degree in Kinesiology and Chemistry from the University of Waterloo.  She is a Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems (CPHIMS-CA), certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and a member of the Canadian Health Informatics Professional Association.  Selena is a published researcher and has presented her work both nationally and internationally.  She is currently pursuing her PhD in Health Informatics.

Drawing on the expertise of a strong network of professionals in the fields of computer science, information management, communications, management and health sciences, Selena Davis & Associates offer:

  • Expertise in the health care sector, particularly in information technology, knowledge management, and chronic disease management
  • Executive experience designing and leading projects that achieve results
  • A unique blend of private and public sector knowledge and experience
  • Accredited professionals
  • Award-winning research and applications development
  • Utilization of evidence-based best practices
  • Continuing Professional Education